Legendary 100th Battalion/442nd Regimental Combat Team tour France for 70th anniversary

The 442nd/100th Battalion 70th Anniversary Tour of France took place From July 12th to the 17th. Shigeyuki “Shig” Doi, of Richmond, California went on the tour accompanied by his grandson Shawn Doi of Seattle. Shig served in (I) Company, 3rd Battalion of the 442nd. He was one of the few survivors to partake in the rescue of The Lost “Texas” Battalion. At 94 Doi is sharp and continues pass on his history to younger generations, as well as his grandson Shawn.

Doi shared his stories on the tour, and one of Doi’s main objectives was to honor and visit the grave of his Company Commander Captain Joseph Lawrence Byrne. Beloved by his men Capt. Byrne was the only Caucasian officer who could pronounce the Japanese names of his men perfectly recalled Doi. Unfortunately The Captain was killed in action one day before they rescued the Lost Battalion. One could certainly see the love and respect that Doi holds for Capt. Byrne, and one could certainly see the pain.